Packaging with Purpose

Our commitment to sustainability is mirrored in our eco-friendly packaging. Airtight containers preserve the freshness and potency of the turmeric powder. The packaging bears witness to the culmination of our journey—a gift from the earth, presented with...

Art of Grinding

The fully dried rhizomes are artfully ground to create the magnificent Lakadong Turmeric powder This fine powder encapsulates the essence of the journey—nature’s gift transformed into culinary delight.

Sun-Kissed Drying

Following curing, the rhizomes are gently sun-dried, preserving their natural colour and potent properties. This step ensures that the essence of the earth is locked into each rhizome.

Curing for Excellence

Embracing tradition, the selected rhizomes undergo a gentle curing process, enhancing their flavour and aroma. This timeless practice infuses the turmeric with the wisdom of generations past.

Cleaning and Sorting

The harvested rhizomes are gently cleaned, removing any impurities while retaining their natural protective layers. The sorting process ensures that only the best and most vibrant rhizomes proceed to the next stages.