Hemant Naik
Head of Channel Sales – Earthen Connect, Canada

Hemant Naik is a seasoned professional with over 7 years of experience in sales and tech support. He is known for his result-oriented approach to channel sales, and has a track record of developing effective strategies and programs to capture key demographics.

Naik is skilled at appointing channel partners, resellers, and sales teams to achieve sales objectives, and has a proven track record of achieving monthly and yearly targets. He is also an experienced manager, with a strong ability to lead and motivate teams to achieve success.

One of Naik’s key strengths is his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients. He has a talent for retaining HNI clients, and has a track record of successfully managing relationships with corporate giants to achieve organizational objectives.

Overall, Naik is a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve its sales and tech support operations. With his extensive experience, strong leadership abilities, and ability to build and maintain relationships, he is well-equipped to help any company achieve its goals.