Prashant Gardoo
Head of Sourcing – Earthen Connect, Canada

Prashant Gadroo is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in technology and international business. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (B.Tech) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration in International Business from Amity.

Gadroo has gained international exposure to business through an exchange MBA program that included studies in the USA and the United Kingdom. This has given him a broad perspective on the global business landscape, and has helped him develop strong skills in cross-cultural communication and adaptation.

Throughout his career, Gadroo has amassed more than 18 years of experience in the service industry and in purchasing. In addition, he has spent the past 10 years working in the manufacturing industry, where he has gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies in this sector.

Gadroo is known for his strong problem-solving skills and ability to find creative solutions to complex business challenges. He is a skilled negotiator and has a track record of successfully managing relationships with suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Overall, Gadroo is a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve its operations and achieve its business goals. With his extensive experience, technical skills, and international perspective, he is well-equipped to help any company succeed in today’s global business environment.