Lakadong Turmeric


530+ Farmers Empowered

Procured from Himalayan Region

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At Earthen Connect, we take pride in offering you premium quality Turmeric sourced from trusted farmers who prioritize sustainable and organic farming practices.

Our organic turmeric powder, made from the finest Turmeric rhizomes, is grown organically to preserve its natural integrity and potency.

The vibrant golden color and earthy flavor make it an essential spice in your kitchen. Whether you use it in curries, smoothies, or golden milk, our turmeric powder, with a vibrant golden color and earthy flavor, adds a delightfully aromatic flavor.

We offer turmeric powder with a high curcumin level, the magical compound contributing to the goodness of the spice. By incorporating our organic turmeric powder into your daily routine, you can reap the benefits for your overall well-being.

With Earthen Connect, you can enjoy the exceptional quality and flavor of turmeric powder. By purchasing our organic turmeric powder, you join us in our effort to create a more sustainable future.

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