Spices play a vital role in how Indians prepare and cook their cuisine. People all across the world are learning to use different spices to give distinct flavors to their dishes. The use of spices in the proper amount determines whether what you prepare becomes hit or fails. Spices, in addition to giving flavor to our food, are proven to be nutritionally beneficial and contribute to improved immunity. However, only when these spices are pure, unadulterated and natural they preserve their original flavor and health advantages. It’s time for you to start considering the purity of different types of spice if you haven’t already. Following are the main reasons for switching to natural spices from regular ones.

Free from Pesticides

Farmers use compost and manure for growing natural spices. Retailers like Earthen Connect ensure their spices are free from hazardous pesticides, insecticides, or agricultural chemicals. Only when spices are devoid of dangerous compounds can one fully enjoy their health advantages, rendering them more nutrient-dense. Natural spices, such as Cardamom, Lakadong Turmeric, King Chilli, and more are known to strengthen immunity and shield the body from illnesses.

Online retailers of organic spices, such as Earthen Connect, guarantee that the spices they offer are healthy, non-GMO, and produced entirely naturally.

No Use of Preservatives

Natural spices are derived directly from plants, seeds, and roots without using artificial additives or preservatives. It means that when you use natural spices, you’re experiencing the true essence of the ingredient itself. Whether it’s the vibrant aroma of cinnamon or the heat of King Chilli, natural spices offer a purity of flavor that enhances cooking in a way that processed alternatives cannot match.

Nutritional Value

Natural spices have several health advantages in addition to taste. Numerous spices have high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support general health. For example, Lakadong Turmeric is commended for strengthening the immune system, while ginger is well-known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Adding natural spices to your food not only enhances flavor but also provides your meals with health-promoting elements.

Environmental Impact

Selecting natural spices is in line with consumerism which is environmentally conscientious. Spices are often processed industrially using energy-intensive techniques and producing trash that might be harmful to the environment. On the other hand, choosing natural spices lowers the carbon footprint connected to food production and promotes sustainable farming methods. Giving natural ingredients top priority will help create a more environmentally friendly food system.

Supporting Small Farmers

Earthen Connect sources natural spices directly from local farmers. We also support fair trade. Thus, we help empower small farmers by buying natural spices. Because of the direct relationship that exists between the producer and the consumer, the supply chain is more transparent and accountable, guaranteeing that the spices you buy are of the greatest caliber and ethically obtained.


The decision between regular and natural spices is not just related to cooking; it also reflects our priorities and values. We celebrate flavor, nourish our bodies, and help create a more culturally diverse and sustainable food environment by embracing the essence of natural spices. Earthen Connect, offers a wide range of natural spices that are ethically sourced from dedicated farmers using sustainable farming methods. Hence, trust Earthen Connect for healthier and more flavorful spices.